May 12, 2012

Our Disneyland Photobook

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Jan 21, 2012


She's sweet, kind, smart, beautiful, and talented.  I cannot say enough about my little girl.  She let me take a few pictures of her the other day.  I used to take hundreds of pictures a month of her, now I'm lucky if any of us sit still long enough to take a picture.  Love my girl!

This one was taken just outside our door as the snow was rapidly falling!

Nov 28, 2011

All-Aboard The Polar Express

It is time once again for our trip to the Polar Express.  We have done this train ride every-other-year for the past several years making this our third trip.  Click here to take a walk down memory lane of our first trip.   You'll remember that we were still waiting for Isabela to come home.  The boys look so little, but they haven't changed a bit...they still believe in Santa and I even caught Dominic rehearsing what he was going to say this time around.  The second time we went, Isabela was with us and we were complete as a family of 5.  That time was a bit overwhelming for Bela as she was still afraid of Mr. Claus.

This time was pefect!  We had all the kids and no one was afraid.  Diego is trying to figure out if Santa is real, but he played along this time for fear of not believing.  Here are a few pictures of our ride.

Getting ready to board the train!

Bela was sooo excited!

Bela and Daddy

Me and my boys!

Cookie and hot chocolate time!

Ted and boys - they are sick of pictures at this point

We stopped at the North Pole and picked up Santa Claus.

The kids playing with their bells from Santa

My girl!

Until next time...


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